Geothermal Drilling & Heat Pump Installation

Knowledge . Experience . Proven ResultsConserving our natural resources. Protecting the ground water. Reducing energy costs.
Accomplishing all three in an efficient and economical manner is a job well done.

Richard Simmons Drilling Co., Inc. approaches every job with a full understanding of the necessary for the project. Whether you need two or two hundred bores, one or numerous miles of pipe, select grouts or fills, vaults or large diameter piping, Simmons consistently designs loop fields of unfailing performance.

As an IGSHPA Accredited Installer and Dealer Contractor. Simmons Drilling is the leader in rock drilling for ground source heat exchangers. Our offices ensure coverage to the entire southeast. No job is too big for this 45 year old firm that has dedicated 21 of those years to the geothermal industry.

With more than two dozen drills and an unsurpassed work force, we are an excellent partner for any high profile job, including schools, military bases and sensitive historic sites.

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We believe that our success is a results of hard work, quality services, and above all, client satisfaction.

Why Geothermal?

  • Reduced electricity costs, 30 to 70%
  • Quiet operation, out of sight
  • Backup heating system not required
  • Reduced carbon emissions at power plants
  • Reduced foreign energy imports

Learn About Geothermal Heating Systems

Simmons Drilling installs geothermal system at Northside High School, Roanoke, VA

Click here to view photos of Simmons Drilling's installation of the geothermal system at Northside High School, Roanoke, Virginia.

Geothermal Case Study

Eno Commons in Durham, NC is a housing development with twenty residences, all heated and cooled by geothermal systems. Eighteen of the homes utilize vertical underground heat exchangers or geothermal wells. All of these were drilled by Richard Simmons Drilling.

Click to visit the North Carollna Green Building Technology Database, where results of green energy technologies are summarized for Eno Commons.


Contact us for information about qualifying for a tax credit reducing the cost of geothermal installation.

We partner with Cundiff Air Conditioning of Roanoke, Virginia, for geothermal system installation.
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Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium
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